What is xmltv-druid?

xmltv-druid is a very simple Gnome druid for selecting, configuring and scheduling a tv_grab task for XMLTV. A tv_grab command is responsible of grabbing the tv listings from a web site. When starting to use any XMLTV based application the most complex task is the configuration and setting up the cron job for the tv_grab command. This program is designed to ease this.

Downloading xmltv-druid

The latest version of xmltv-druid is always available at the sourceforge.net page.


xmltv-druid is built on top of a few standard libraries which need to be installed on your system to make it work.


If you use Debian, or another distribution that uses .deb packages, add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list :

deb http://debian.vakevainen.fi/ unstable main

and install with apt-get install xmltv-druid. This will install all the required packages, including xmltv, the perl libraries, and the works.


When to run
Extra options